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With the COVID-19 pandemic, we know small businesses like yours are worried about the days ahead. Not only do you have to worry about you and your family’s health, but you also have to somehow continue running your business.

The thing is though: with so many people stuck at home, online shopping has skyrocketed. Amazon, for instance, is hiring another 100,000 employees because they can’t keep up with 2-day shipping demand.

At Privy, we’ve been talking to our customers, partners, families and friends over the last week. We know most people want to support small ecommerce brands instead of a giant corporation, but they don’t know where to find small ecommerce brands to shop.

That’s why we launched the world’s first marketplace for small ecommerce brands.

We will be promoting this marketplace to all our customers, partners, subscribers and friends. So anyone stuck home that wants to shop online can find the right business to support: yours.

But we need your help.

Do you own a small ecommerce brand? Submit your store to get listed on this marketplace.